Ashley M. Johnson

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I am an extremely passionate person, bubbling with ideas and motivated to make a significant impact. I founded Applied Atomics with the intension of one day touching the stars, through invention and inspiring a generation to pursue it. I believe in dreaming big and finding a way to contribute, which is why after completing my bachelors, and masters in Aerospace Engineering, I converted my bedroom into a plasma and low level nuclear laboratory, and began researching & testing plasma engines for space propulsion. I take great pride in hard work, and as a technical individual have demonstrated competency on a number of levels. Above all, I have a genuine love for what I do, and a big vision to hopefully revolutionize an industry that can have a direct impact on a generation set up to tackle space exploration, and climate change. Dream big and find a way to contribute.
- Naturally Curious! Someone with a natural burning desire to discover, learn and develop themselves in everything they do. - Visionaire! Someone that can see and is fuelled by the bigger picture, to make a lasting impact and global change to any field they are in. - Go Getter! Someone who is hungry, ambitious, decisive and determined to go above and beyond to make it successful.
Aerospace Engineering background, skills in programming, computer aided design, simulation, product design, business development, and creativity