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I am a founder in NFT Clan. NFT Clan is a new type of nft marketplace, capable of massive sales and a billion dollar valuation in a couple of years. We are a team of three with management, marketing, development and blockchain experience. NFT Clan is being built out and we are seeking funds to speed up development and early PR, marketing. The platform can then be completed as planned in 3-6 months with robust earnings soon after.
NFT Clan is looking for a 5 figure pre-seed investor to join our leadership team. The preferred partner should be more than a sleeping partner, with skills in one or more of the following- legal, financial, investor relations, growth marketing, or management. Compensation will be by equity and salary considerations. All is negotiable although we will need to see proof of funds. Preferable location is London, UK. NB: We are not looking for loans and we do not pay fees to secure 'investments'.
I have a long history of marketing, sales and management experience. I manage the NFT Clan project. NFT Clan has a leadership team of 3. My partners have lots of experience in full stack development and blockchain.

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