Abdul Basit Saboowala

Founder & CEO
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Abdul Basit Saboowala, popularly known as Holo Abdul for building science fiction hologram technology as watched in movies like 'Star Trek' & 'Iron Man' bringing it to reality with his global multi-award-winning social impact tech venture Holo Shiksha powered by Holo Abdul with a vision to revolutionize classroom experience with its world's first patent-protected 'Holographic Classroom' and 'Virtual 3D Classroom' Technology'. Apart from being the head of Holo Shiksha, Abdul began his journey as one of the Youngest Physics Professor in India and have been taking lectures at Schools & Colleges across the country. He is also an active Startup & Innovation Mentor and currently mentoring 100+ startups internationally. Furthermore, Abdul is a Forbes India Great CEOs Nominee and have received multiple National & International Awards such as by India Google Techstar, Nehru Science Centre, IIT Bombay, EO GSEA, Asia Top 500, etc.
Head of Business Development & Operations / Entrepreneur-in-Residence 1. Conduct market research and customer development required to validate product 2. Design and execute go to the market roadmap 3. Working on product-market fit and develop the business model 4. Scope out proof of concept (POC), minimally viable product (MVP), and roadmap 5. Design and pilot operational processes required to successfully serve customers with product 6. Communicating and building relationships with current or potential clients 7. Managing Business Operations
Inventor, Innovation & Strategy, Social Entrepreneur, Immersive Technology Expert, Visionary Leader, Physics Professor, Visual Artist, Startup & Innovation Mentor, Speaker, Research and Development (R&D), Business Model Innovation, Product Marketing, 3D Animation & VFX, Graphics, UI & UX Design

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