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We’re a tiny startup building a mobile app to capitalize on the $20 Billion Hair & Beauty industry. If and Instyle magazine had a love-child then our app KarmaDea would be it. KarmaDea is being built as a 2-sided marketplace and community to connect salon professionals with all the style enthusiasts out there. The app will allow users seeking ideas for new hairstyles, cuts, and color to browse and filter thousands of hair, nail, makeup photos and save their favorites to shareable “look books” for inspiration. Once a user knows what they want, they can selection one or more hair images and click the “Style-Match” button. Style match will cross reference those selections and compare them to all the photo portfolios of participating salon professional to calculate a best match. ‘No More Blind Dates With A Stylist’ is our slogan. There are other features involved and several monetization options. We are currently looking for a US based technical partner with full stack web dev skills and machine learning experience and integration of visual APIs is a big plus.
We‘re at the stage where we’ve developed prototypes and tested with small sample groups. We’ve designed full-color wireframes on about 80% of the app including work flows. We’ve heavily researched the industry and our market stakeholders. We’ve also conducted interviews throughout to aid us in developing iterations and improving the product. We are in need of a tech founder who can help the team move to the next step. A minimum full stack skillset and experience in building 2-sided marketplace apps. Machine learning and experience in integrating visual APIs a big plus.
My business background and experience as a business person is my chief contribution. I’m a lifelong entrepreneur with past experience working for a boutique angel investment firm for a number of years, eventually rising to junior partner. BA In finance/economics. I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my adult life and have built and sold several businesses and currently own and run a novel online commercial sign company called, and a restaurant. I’ve been working on the current venture for almost 2 years quietly fleshing out the idea and working through solutions. I look forward to a dynamic and engaging partnership in what I think will be an exciting and lucrative endeavor.