Full-stach software engineer
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My name is Michael Fabing. I am an entrepreneur, CTO, and full-stack web developer originally from Toronto (Canada), currently residing in Lima, Peru
With several years of experience, I specialize in building web applications and mobile applications (Android) from concept to completion. My expertise lies in PHP/Laravel/NodeJS for backend development, MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB for database management, and JavaScript/jQuery/VueJS/Bootstrap and PWA (Progressive Web Application) for frontend development. Back in 2018, I co-founded and developed a food/product delivery web and Android app in Lima. The app successfully handled a vast range of products, comprising 80,000 items from 500 different vendors, processing 10,000 orders per day, and managing 50 live chats. Remarkably, all of this was achieved on a single server costing only $5 per month. Eventually, the app was acquired by Rappi, a company that has raised $1.4 billion to date. Since 2020, I have been dedicated to working on a blockchain-based platform that traces the origin of wood in South America. This project involves the development of an Android app and web platform, which is currently being utilized by the Peruvian government.