Sam Curtis

sports therapist
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I have 23 years massage experience and more recently became a sports therapist. I also have a medical background as a nurse and a midwife and have 9 years experience treating physically disabled children, specialising in cerebral palsy.I have taught student nurses, run antenatal classes and taught massage.I am looking to set up a treatment room but also offer community classes and courses both from a sports therapy and a medical point of view. I would also like to do some online video classes and maybe courses for massage students. I would even be interested in running retreats. My experience and knowledge extends beyond that of most massage therapists and clients really appreciate the fact that I can explain how their medical issues are affecting muscular problems.
I am looking for someone who is good with marketing as I feel I am limited in this area and also financial backing as,due to personal reasons, I am no longer in a position to financially support an startup . I have the skills and knowledge to make it work so I am happy for a silent partner or equally happy for someone in a therapeutic field.
surgical nursing skills, midwifery skills, management of disability in children, sports,deep tissue and Swedish massage, teaching skills, running community classes, prioritising workload and organisational skills, good communication skills,