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Hi! I'm looking for joining a startup for operation, Sourcing& Procurement, Product Development responsibilities. A performance-driven with over twenty years of working experience in the Sourcing, Procurement, R&D, Product Development, Project Management, Logistics, Operation in business , also have knowledge in Product Design, Sales&Marketing and Operation. Offer a background that demonstrates open thinking, super analytical skills and creative problem-solving in all aspects of operations. Utilize strong strategic, tactical planning, and organization skills to increase performance. Flexible and excellent negotiating skills with suppliers. Know quite well the suppliers for different lines and know well consumers and trend in US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. Trilingual. Entrepreneurial mindset and innovative.
Any startup I'm looking for.
-Super strong analytical skills and great problem-solver -Critical and creative thinker -Patience, perseverance and passion -Open-minded, flexible and adaptable -Strategic planner and organizer -Big line and detail oriented -Energetic,optimistic and assertive -Initiative, integrity -Self-confidence -Commitment -Great leadership -Visonary, Innovative -Entrepreneurial mindset -Team player -Spoken and written language: English(intermediary), French(intermediary), Chinese Mandarin(native) -Good at Microsoft, Outlook, Internet etc -Have a complete experience of B2B operation(Sourcing, Procurement, Product Development, R&D, Project Management, Logistics, Sales & Marketing) and knowledge in B2C operation. Flexible hours I can contribute.