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Do you have kids or grandkids? You may know this already, 7.7 million youth in America will suffer from a mental health disorder this year! 11% of cases within the youth lead to sucide. Coming from west Africa my family and I never understood the importance of mental health and how it impacts everyone daily. One of the driving forces behind the project is my 15 year old sister being a victim of a mental health disorder where she’d starve herself, isolate, and even go as far as cutting herself. It was traumatizing and we didn’t know how to help her or let alone understand what she was going through. Thank God for a family therapist which we are fortunate to have on call, explained to us what was really going on and shed light on mental health disorders. So this project is a tribute to all the families all around the world who have a mental health disorder and seek assistance and emotional comfort. Our project / product comforts emotionally and physically by the use of empowering messages tailored and prescribed for a range of mental health disorders.