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Foundergiant: Hello, tell us about yourself

Patrick Payne: My name is Patrick Payne I am the CEO and Founder of Pitterpattr.com. I am an ex rap-artist, ex semi-professional basketball player turned tech entrepreneur. My technical co-founder is Leng Lim, a brilliant technologist with a history working on military projects.

Patrick Payne

FG: What is Pitter Pattr and how does it differ from competitors, if any?

PP: Pitterpattr.com is a sound search engine and soon to be mobile application improving the way humans communicate emotions digitally by improving contextual awareness in conversations, (via communicating with sound snippets as opposed to images or text).

The platform allows users to create their own unique profile, connect with other users, search a huge library of user generated sound snippets or even create their own sound snippets direct from their mobile or computer device. Sound Snippets can be shared through all popular messaging platforms with an analytics interface available for creators to track the reach and popularity of their created Snippets.

FG: Is your product for-profit?

PP: Right now we are strictly focussed on building a great product for our community. Monetisation will come later, at the moment we are happy bootstrapping.

FG: What were some of the challenges you have encountered through your start-up journey?

PP: The first version of Pitter Pattr was a Facebook application. Facebook out of the blue decided to discontinue some of the technology we were using, leaving us out in the cold. We had to invent a new way to move forward, which led to the development of the website.

A challenge we still face to this day is the different experiences users have when interacting with our platform across various devices and operating systems. Each experience will vary, it's our challenge to ensure these experiences are as smooth and user-friendly as possible.

FG: If you were to start Pitter Pattr today, what would you do differently?

PP: I would do a "pre-sale" or more likely an "expression of interest" landing page, before we built the product, beginning the building of our community as early as possible.

FG: Any plans for the future?

PP: We plan to improve digital communication so much that everyone online sees the value of communicating with sound snippets and is using them daily for more accurate communication.

In the short term, the Pitter Pattr IOS keyboard app is scheduled for release in 2020 with the Android keyboard app following shortly after. As most tech companies would attest to, our development pipeline is quite long and there are many new features that are on the wishlist.

FG: What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?

PP: If you want to do this you have to take a life or death approach. You have to be 100% committed to your cause or goal to be successful.

FG: Where can people learn more about Pitter Pattr?

PP: pitterpattr.com - Joining Pitter Pattr is free. Sign up for an account and join the Pitter Pattr community today!

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