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Foundergiant: Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Evan Hallward: My name is Evan Hallward, Co-CEO at Aboard. I have a background in business development for both financial services & tech companies. I've worked for a number of startups in the Toronto ecosystem, helping setup & scale business development and customer service practices.

FG: Introduce your company and the people behind Aboard.

Evan Hallward: Aboard helps small-to-medium sized businesses setup & automate administrative HR tasks. We are currently focused on helping setup onboarding & offboarding processes with our People Operations web platform.

There are 3 Aboard co-founders. Myself (Evan Hallward), Lee MacDonald, and Shawn Price. Lee brings a background in technical recruitment and startup operations, most recently helping the last startup he worked at scale from 7 to 35 employees. Lee simultaneously builds company culture & sensible processes to increase retention and productivity. Shawn brings 10+ years managing and growing development teams and has been involved in the release of 4 full stack web applications.

FG: Tell us about your product.

Evan Hallward: Our web app helps business & people leaders setup People Ops processes quickly, such as onboarding & offboarding. It then supports the delivery of a consistently great employee experience. All this is done while helping leaders & teams save time while staying organized.

FG: How did you come up with the idea for the product? What inspired you?

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