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I have conceived a novel business model that will provide the possibility to a certain number of startups to go through their most important milestone. Getting done their minimum viable product. Right now, the hardest thing to achieve is this. Without it, it is very hard to be taken seriously by investors, not to mention generating revenue so as to self sustain the endeavor for as long as necessary, while making decision on own terms. The business model is scalable indefinitely, only subject to market conditions, projects availability etc., all of which may be mitigated through planning. I have already done the market validation of the service, having put in place a network of technology, legal counsel partnerships, which are the two most important pieces in conjunction with the main activity. The partnerships are currently being extended in terms of participants and at the same time I am considering other sectors I should secure similar arrangements. I also have a few startup projects signed up and working to fundraise through a "Startups Program" I have setup, which will serve in the future as the main pipeline for candidates to be funded. I have also broaden a database of contacts to include angel investors, venture capital companies, incubators and accelerators, which are potential stakeholders under the business model. I am primarily looking for people who want to be part of an offering which will provide the chance to many projects go past their initial stage in a unique way of financing. Note that as far as I know, nobody inthe market has offered yet anything similar. I have conducted primary research in the area to back my claim. There is not yet a company established and all that is served through an independent contractor status. However, I have already made the first iteration and about to do the second, regarding the exact jurisdiction to establish the legal entity which will facilitate all that. In spite all the independent parts being implemented, the main novel innovative aspect is not yet developed and it is subject to financing. I have not started pitching to investors, as I would like to be in a more favourable bargaining position before even attempting that. At the same time, there is aleays a chance I, or we, manage to cofinance this jointly through own funds and then reconsider our options being in a fundamentally different and advantageous position.

Web3 finance

I have formed a concept relating to web3 finance. I am looking for a cofounder with a background in financial law.

web3 finance